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Logging In

🏗️ Public Preview 🚧

This documentation, as well as Nexus itself, is currently in public preview. As new features are developed, this documentation will be updated. Check back soon!

Email / Password Authentication

If you're not already signed in, this is the page for you!

If you previously created an account via email & password, use those again now to authenticate. If there is an issue with your login attempt, on-screen prompts will appear to help with login.

Nexus login form with a validation error

Google / GitHub Authentication

If you previously created an account via Google or GitHub, use those again now to authenticate.

Password Recovery

If you should happen to forget your password, click here, or click on the handy blue "Forgot your password?" link just above the "Sign In" button. Fill out the "Reset Password" form with the email address associated with your account, and click "Next"

Forgotten password email input form

If you do have an account associated with the email, you will receive an automated email containing a link. Clicking the link should take you to a new form, where you can input a new password for your account. Fill out and submit the form, and you should be able to get back to working in Nexus.