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Interface Layout

Application Overview


: Main Navigation bar - The side-navigation bar gives you constant access to various views such as home, datasets, and workspaces. By clicking the arrow icon at the bottom left of the side navigation, you can expand and collapse this bar for additional information.

: User Profile - You can navigate to user preferences and settings, and see your fuel gauge here. Fuel is a usage metric for activities such as querying and transacting against data. It is regularly replenished, but if your database usage exceeds your freely available fuel allowance, you can upgrade your membership to allow for more fuel on a regular basis. Clicking on your Profile Icon not only allows you to update your account information, it also provides navigation to the Documentation and to Fuel Usage Metrics and to Fuel Upgrade Requests.

: Create New Dataset - Click on this tile to create a new dataset. You can create as many datasets as you like, and, in the future, organize datasets into workspaces and open parts of your data up for collaboration with others.

: Main Component - Here you can view & search each of your datasets. Clicking on any one of your datasets will navigate you to the data management UI for that particular dataset.