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Account Registration

🏗️ Public Preview 🚧

This documentation, as well as Nexus itself, is currently in public preview. As new features are developed, this documentation will be updated. Check back soon!

Email / Password Registration

On the "Create an Account" page, simply fill out the form entirely, and submit. Once your account is created, you will be authenticated and taken to the dashboard.


When selecting a username, keep in mind that this will become a public identifier for your account.

In the future, if you make your datasets public or share them selectively with other individuals / organizations, this username will identify you (much like a GitHub username identifies you and your repositories on GitHub).

Google / GitHub Registration

You can also register a new account through Google & GitHub by using the corresponding icons at the bottom of the form.

Note: If registering an account with Google or GitHub, keep in mind that subsequent login attempts will require you to use the same method.

After authenticating against either Google or GitHub, Nexus will prompt you to supply a username for your account. After supplying a valid username, you will be taken to the main Nexus dashboard.

The Nexus Create an Account Page